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Psoriasis. What kind of disease is it? How to cure psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease, characterized with increased proliferation of epidermis. The cause of psoriasis is unknown, but the unusual epidermal kinetic as well as the activated immune system inside the skin deserve attention. Approximately 1/3 of the patients is congenitally predisposed to psoriasis. It is relatively frequent skin disease that afflicts about 2% of the population in Europe and USA, and 4 % of the Scandinavians.
Like in other diseases of organs and systems the use of herbal medicines for treatment of skin disorders is most reasonable in the chronic cases. Furthermore the difficulties that a doctor can face while curing a skin disease with unknown etiology are a good reason to apply in these cases medicinal plants that are used in folk medicine.

Merging the folk experience and genius with 7 years trials M.Ph. Naidenov found that herbal combination.
This invented medicinal product cures dermatosises like psoriasis, nevrodematitis, trofic ulcer, eczema, acne and other disorders in the integrity of the skin. It ensures an anti-inflammatory, regenerative and trofic action, normalization of the cell metabolism in epithelial tissue.
As is well known in treatment of dermatitis, especially in treatment of psoriasis herbal extracts in different combination are used. They provide anti-inflammatory, regenerative and germ-killing effect.

The medicinal product Psariazol® is used in treatment of diseases where the cell proliferation and inflammation are involved, like Psoriasis.

There are more than 900 patients treated with Psariazol® and 87% of them are already healed.

The invented preparations are offered as gel, shampoo and lotion for treatment of the afflicted areas of the head and the body.

The inventor of these products is M.Ph. Vladimir Naidenov- a professional with 33 years experience in pharmacy.

The exclusive distributor in the Czech Republic is company ATYPO s.r.o.