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Psariazol Shampoo (Herbal Shampoo) 200 ml

Psariazol ShampooCombination of active ingredient and natural extracts from plants, that supports the normalization and the re-generation process for the epithel of the head’s skin. Applicable for patients suffering from Psoriasis, Neurodermit and Seborei. The active ingredients of the product penetrate deep into the skin of the head and betters its elasticity. Psariazol Shampoo has ceratolic, anti-seboric and re-generative influence.
The shampoo is applied on wet hair and should remain for 45 minutes. After the hair is rinsed, the head is dried and is applied the Psariazol lotion, which should not be rinsed. The procedure should be applied 2-3 times per day.
The head should not be exposed to direct sunlight at least for two hours after the application of the lotion.
It is recommended to use the shampoo at least for 60 days.
Shampoo should be kept in sunlight protected place in regular circumstances.
Expiry date: 5 years since the date of production
Ingredients: Calendula officinalis, Hypericum perforatum, Urtica dioica, Aqua, Lauryl sulfate, Cocamido betaine, Propylene glycol, Sodium chloride, Glycerin, Parfum
Manufacturer: “Vladimed” Ltd. – Sofia, Bulgaria.

The exclusive distributor in the Czech Republic is company ATYPO s.r.o.