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Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
Product name CAS No.:         Application
ALFUZOSIN HCL 81403-68-1 antihypertensive
BRIMONIDINE TARTRATE 70359-46-5 antiglaucoma
BUTAMIRATE CITRATE 18109-81-4 antitussive
CHLORPROTHIXENE HCL 6469-93-8 antipsychotic
CLOPAMIDE 636-54-4 antihypertensive, diuretic
DITHIADEN (Bisulepin) 1154-12-7 antiallergic agent, histamine
DOSULEPIN HCL 897-15-4 antidepressant
IOHEXOL 66108-95-0 X-Ray media
MAFENIDE ACETATE 13009-99-9 antibiotic
MAGNESIUM LACTATE 18917-93-6 cathartic
RIVASTIGMINE TARTRATE 129101-54-8  nootropic
SELEGILINE HCL 14611-52-0 antiparkinsonian
TAMSULOSIN HCL 106463-17-6  treatment of bening prostatic hypertrophy
TIZANIDINE HCL 64461-82-1 muscle relaxant
TOLTERODINE TARTRATE 124937-52-6  treatment of urinary incontinence
TROSPIUM CHLORIDE 10405-02-4 antispasmodic, in treatment of urinary incotinence
TROXERUTIN 7085-55-4 treatment of venous disorders
WARFARIN SODIUM CLATHRATE 129-06-6 anticoagulant
ZOLPIDEM TARTRATE 99294-93-6 hypnotic
ZOPICLONE 43200-80-2 hypnotic, sedative
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